world_stroke_day2016-campaign-organised-by_strokefoundationofbengalStroke Foundation of Bengal calls on NGOs and Institutions to participate in a big way in Stroke awareness and education in the global fight against stroke. The theme of World Stroke Day 2016 ( Face the Facts: STROKE IS TREATABLE) has been highlighted in different places especially in the rural district of Birbhum, West Bengal. As a part of media campaign the Bengali Info graphic of World Stroke Day 2016, has been published in the Birbhum Edition (special) of the Largest Bengali Daily Paper , ANANDABAZAR PATRIKA as an adverisement by the Glocal Hospital, Bolpur, Birbhum, on the occasion of Mahalaya, the beginning of the largest Festival of Bengal. The Glocal Hospital is an Unit Hospital of a  large group of Hospitals  serving peripherally in District and Subdivision far away from Kolkata. Stroke Foundation of Bengal will jointly work with Bolpur Branch of Glocal Hospitals in all Stroke related activities.

This has been done as a part of Awareness Campaign of the Theme of WSD 2016. This paper will cover a wide population of the district of Birbhum and adjoining areas including parts of the state of Jharkhand where there are large numbers of readers of this Bengali paper

The following other activities for the WSD 2016 Campaign  has already been started:

  1. Distribution of Leaflets on WSD 2016 Campaign Materials in all areas of the Bolpur Town
  2. A Seminar with the doctors, Nurses and other staffs of the Hospital will be held at Glocal Hospital, Bolpur, district of Birbhum
  3. WSD 2016 Info graphic poster will be displayed in almost all teaching Hospitals in Kolkata and the Burdwan Medical College in the that district. The District Hospital of Suri and two Hospitals of the Subdivision Town of Bolpur will display WSD 2016 infographic poster in Bengali.
  4. WSD 2016 Seminar on 29th October will be held with Indian Medical Association and Rotary Club at Bolpur Glocal Hospital where along with the seminar, screening of Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar level will be done. Distribution of leaflets on Awareness of Stroke and Hypertension (and its relation with Stroke and NCDs) will be done. A questionnaire on Hypertension will be filled up by the audience in the seminar at the beginning.
  5. The Bengali version of WSD Poster and Info graphic materials is done by SFB jointly with WORLD STROKE ORGANISATION
  6. The President and the Secretary will actively participate in the World Stroke Congress and Global WSD Program
  7. WSD brochure will be displayed at the Kalyani State Hospital and Kalyani College, District of Nadia
  8. WSD will be observed on 29th October at Rishra Town in the District of Hooghly where the public especially the Stroke Survivors and Care Givers  will actively participate in the Program. All educational materials will be distributed during the Program.
  9. All India Radio will air a program on this year’s World Stroke Day theme on 29th October.




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