World Brain Day was observed by Stroke Foundation of Bengal and Indian Medical Association (IMA), Salt Lake City Branch at IMA House, Salt Lake City today on July 22,2018 at 6PM.
Prof. Dipes Kr Mandal was requested to talk on the importance of Brain activities and the theme of WBD 2018. After discussing the details of how it was started in 2014 by World Federation of Neurology, with the sole purpose of creating awareness on Brain, the most important and vital organ of human body, among all sections of society including the public, policymakers and governments, esp of LMICs including India, Prof Mandal stressed on the recent updates in Air pollution in cities and it’s impact on Brain Health. This year’s Theme of WBD is :
Impact of air polution on different organs like Lungs are well known, but it’s adverse effect on development of a child’s brain in often forgotten. Moreover, it affects adult brain and precipitates memory loss and Dementia. Recent studies suggests air pollution is linked with 34% of Stroke in developing countries, esp in cities.
In India, Delhi and Kolkata are most polluted cities, but Kolkata ‘s air pollution is more alarming due to lack of preventive strategies mainly by local administration and the Government for which it is going to be the most polluted city in India. It needs immediate attention of the people, local administration and the State Government.
Prof Mandal concluded with the message of the President of World Federation of Neurology, Prof Wolfgang Grisold on World Bran Day (WBD):
“The message we are conveying with the World Brain Day is clear:
The priorities in policy and funding must focus on brain health than in the past. The Brain Health should be treated as one of the highest-level health care priorities, as brain health is most neglected everywhere esp by the Governments.”