Stroke and Head Injury Awareness Program

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An  hour long  Live  Awareness Program  on Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury was elaborately presented at the  National TV Network (DD 7), Kolkata  in Bengali on July 2015 at 4PM    with repeat Telecast on 24th at 9-30AM. Prof mandal, the President of Stroke Foundation of Bengal was invited  specially to talk on Stroke awareness. He elaborated all aspects of Stroke esp.   the nature of stroke burden  in India,  treatable Risk factors  special to the region, how to recognise it and what to do when stroke affects someone in rural areas. His  emphasis was on High Blood pressure and tobacco addiction( esp chewing in rural areas in the form of  Jarda, Dokta  Gutka , Khaini) among  less educated persons.

Importance of setting up primary Stroke Centres in the Peripheral hospitals  with facilities of CT scanner and formation of stroke team has been highlighted. The scope of Tele-stroke facilities  could solve enormous burden  of  the patients and the treating doctors. Moreover  setting up of many Rehabilitation clinics in peripheral hospitals would reduce  post-stroke  disability significantly  in the whole country.

Lastly Prof. Mandal informed   about the recent introduction of “Stroke Riskometer app” all over the world in 13 languages  which could be downloaded  through Smartphones .  The Bengali script would  also be available  in the Riskometer app.  The  users could  reap the benefits of Stroke awareness  through the questionaire   on stroke  in the  “ Riskometer   app”  and know the predictive value in the next 5-10 years. With increasing  number of  Smartphone users  in all parts of the country, more and more people will  know their stroke risks and may take preventive measures accordingly with less cost  and round the year from any part of the country. This novel method would help  tremendously  in reducing the  incidence of stroke and so the stroke burden