Stroke Awareness Program at Vidyasagar College

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Dr Dipes Mondal, Stroke awareness program at vidyasagar college
Dr Dipes Mondal, Stroke Awareness Program at Vidyasagar College, Kolkata, 16 Nov 2016

World Stroke Day 2017 will focus on STROKE PREVENTION., which is so important in Indian Subcontinent and other developing countries with more than 80% global Stroke Burden.. Accordingly, Stroke Foundation of Bengal starts the Campaign on Stroke Awareness and Education from today with the Seminar on Stroke Prevention at the Vidyasagar College, Kolkata, one of the most eminent and old Teaching Institutions in India.

First Stroke Seminar after the World Stroke Day 2016, on “Prevention of Stroke in India” was arranged by the Department of Botany,Vidyasagar College, Kolkata today on 16th November at 2PM. The Head of the Department, Dr. Sukanya Bhattacharya along with her Departmental colleagues and students made the Awareness Seminar very encouraging and lively. Prof. Dipes Kumar Mandal, Founder-President of Stroke Foundation of Bengal spoke on different aspect of Stroke- its nature, risk factors, preventive strategies and principles of management. The main emphasis in his talk was on risk factors, mostly preventable – High Blood Pressure(Hypertension) , Tobacco Addiction (smoking and Chewing), Dyslipidimia, Diabetes, Obesity, Fast life and Lack of exercise esp among youer section of people who are more vulnerable in coming years. Besides, conventional counselling, he emphasized the use of Stroke Riskometer app (in English and /or Bengali, which is now available in the internet) by smartphone users.

A large section of students were very much interested in the different types of stroke, its risk factors and the prevention of stroke esp among the younger section of people. The Riskometer Android App and its role in the assessment of risk factors and the prediction of future stroke was very attractive to them. Many important interactive discussion was made when both the students and teachers did participate in the prevention and management of stroke.

This Seminar on Stroke is the first one on the theme of next year’s World Stroke Day (2017) which will be on “Stroke is Preventable”. and it was really a very successful one.

Thanks to the teachers and students of the Department of Botany, Vidyasagar College, Kolkata, one of the premier and eminent College of this country.

The picture may be worse in India as the Stroke Awareness and Education is insufficient to the needs at any point of time. The Governments, Medias, Professional s, Health Service Providers and NGO s. should work together for better Awareness and Education. on Stroke.