We are excited to announce that Riskometer Mobile App can be downloaded through Google Play Store.

Stroke Riskometer app” is the most recently developed mobile based “app” to assess the risk factors and prediction of Stroke (Brain Attack) in next 5-10 years. Bengali Version has been edited by Prof. Dipes Kumar Mandal and Dr. A. Shobhana with technical help from Mr. Ayan Khasnabis, Bangalore, India. This is now available for download from Google Play Store for about 280 million Bengali speaking people of Eastern India and Bangladesh.

This Riskometer app requires only a Smartphone for downloading through i-Phones or Android device. A questionnaire with 20 simple stroke related questions is to be filled up online from any part of the world when the required answers will be made available immediately. The Lite version is free, and the Pro version requires a small amount of money for additional input on the immediate management guidelines online. The users may also participate in the RIBUST Study, a large global online study involving millions of willing individuals worldwide to find any other important risk factors which will be incorporated to prevent many more strokes. in future.

Many many participants from this region are expected to join in the RIBUST Study , for more prevention of the first Stroke in the large population of this region which bears a huge burden of the preventable Devastating Stroke .
This app may also be used for Heart Attack, Dementia and Diabetes Mellitus.

Riskometer Mobile Apps – Download from Google Play Store.
Download from Google Play Store