Prof. Dipes Kumar Mandal, a renowned neurologist and stroke consultant of India is the founder president of The Stroke Foundation of Bengal. He had his entire training in medicine and neurology from The Medical College, Calcutta, India. He later headed the Dept of Neurology of this esteemed institution.

Prof Mandal is a pioneer in the field of stroke medicine in West Bengal, India. An excellent
clinician and an outstanding teacher in the realm of Neurology, he has many students who have established themselves in different branches of Medicine and Neurology in different medical institutions of India and abroad. He is the author of a number of articles on different aspects of Neurology. He is a coauthor of a book on clinical medicine. Wherever he has worked, he has applied his innovative ideas for the overall development of the institution, society and the people, silently. This caring and empathic physician’s main passion is of course STROKE.

In his clinical practice in different Medical colleges in Kolkata, he keenly observed the pattern of stroke, which is much different from those observed in other places esp. in western countries. During his pioneering work on stroke in the Medical College, Kolkata, he and his colleagues have demonstrated that the majority of acute stroke victims in Eastern India and the neighbouring countries suffered from haemorrhagic stroke and the majority of victims are afflicted in the ages below 60 years of age – their commonest modifiable risk factor being hypertension. Hence he realised the importance of the achievable goal of stroke prevention, by simply controlling hypertension, in the overall management of stroke in this part of the country as in other places. Thus was born his brain child-“The Stroke Foundation Of Bengal”, with the idea of concentrating mainly on stroke prevention, proper management of acute stroke and subsequent rehabilitation in our setup.

His specialized work on stroke relates to the types of stroke, the modifiable risk factors in this part of the country along with improvising the management of acute stroke in the existing set-up, with proper training of treating personnel, and subsequent rehabilitation, which is more often ignored in the majority of cases. He is a pioneer worker in this part of the country on spreading awareness among the general public as well as the professionals. This is especially important as it is still believed by most of the people that stroke is a “heart attack”. A lot of time is often wasted before stroke is recognized and brought to the attention of the medical professionals. Many lectures, seminars, audio visual presentations have been organized in different parts of West Bengal under Prof Mandal’s initiative. A number of articles have been published in newspapers, magazines regularly on different aspects of stroke including its devastating nature, the burden on the family and the society, its pathological types, risk factors, signals, preventive strategies and goals of management.

Under his able leadership and phenomenal organizational skills, in just one year of its inception, the Stroke Foundation of Bengal is all set to help people fight stroke in a practical and scientific way. Many important personalities and dignitaries are associated with his Stroke Foundation of Bengal, and extended their wholehearted support for its activities to fight stroke in the society. Prof. Mandal is attached with a large number of associations and welfare organizations, but now most of his activities are centred on the development of Stroke Foundation of Bengal,which will cater to the needs of our community.