Stroke Foundation of Bengal is a non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to reduce people’s sufferings from the devastation of STROKE (or more appropriately called ‘Brain Attack”), which cripples and kills mankind.Stroke is rapidly rising in our society silently. The magnitude of its problems lies in the high incidence, disabilities and death associated with it.
This Stroke Foundation of Bengal is aiming to save several lakhs of stroke-prone individuals and stroke victims from death and disability over the next few years. We will achieve this by using evidence based research and educating our community about stroke and its prevention – which is the first step to fight stroke everywhere developing countries like India

Our mission is mainly to work for stroke prevention through awareness,screening of risk factors and their management, and also to provide the guidelines of stroke management and rehabilitation to all section of patients of this state as well as adjoining regions.The pattern of stroke in this part of the world is different from that of the western and developed countries; and that is why it deserves proper attention of the policy makers & professionals in particular and of all sections of people in general.

The main objectives of the Stroke Foundation of Bengal are :-

  • To educate the public about stroke (Brain Attack).
  • To raise public and professional awareness about stroke.
  • To provide assistance at all levels of society in improving stroke prevention strategies especially,making the people aware about normal lifestyle and food-habits thereby preventing high blood pressure, diabetes and stopping smoking and other addictions.
  • To set up Stroke Clinics, Hypertension Clinics and a Stroke-Rehabilitation Clinics at different places of this region
  • To provide necessary information for the proper management of acute stroke patients / victims and their proper rehabilitation.
  • To establish and / or set up an institute for management of acute stroke patients and also for ongoing research activities in near future, when situation so permits financially.
  • To initiate and facilitate interactions among patients ie., stroke survivors and their family members with the doctors, nurses and therapists involved with stroke management.
  • To involve different establishments e.g. government, local bodies, NGOs, benevolent social oganisations and different corporates in the fight against stroke for the benefit of normal healthy life of our people.

As stroke is a preventable major human catastrophe- which is still unknown to most of our people, our network provides all the required informations about stroke ( brain attack)- its devastation ,magnitude of burden in the family and society, its nature, types, risk factors, warning signs, prevention and management strategies including rehabilitation. .Our foundation extends services of stroke- related information to all sections of people both in urban and rural areas of West Bengal, India through leaflets,literature,articles in newspapers and magazines,seminars, video presentation ,medical camps, awareness programs in different hospitals, regional festivals, in colleges, and other organized gatherings (in collaboration with Students Health Home, Rotary Club etc.).


We have provided stroke awareness, preventive measures through detection and management of modifiable risk factors, diagnosis & management strategies including rehabilitation. Although our activities are centered around Kolkata, the main emphasis remains on setting up of Stroke clinics, Hypertension clinics, and rehabilitation clinics in the district and subdivisional towns, far away from Kolkata (City of Joy), the capital of West Bengal, India.
Initially we have formed two peripheral units away from Kolkata (Barasat & Naihati) under supervision of two renowned Neurologists . Many more such units are on the cards in the near future.

Since the beginning of this Stroke Foundation of Bengal (June 24,2006), extensive awareness programs have been held (more than 25) in different districts of this state of West Bengal in joint collaborations with different Hospitals, Municipal bodies, Schools and Colleges,NGOs, Festival organizers etc. In many of these programs several dignitaries including, ministers, administrators, academicians, intellectuals, media personnels have actively participated to make these programs of awareness successful. In many occasions we had enough help of the electronic media, newspapers and magazines which caters news services to more than 25 crores of Bengali speaking populations. Besides we get continuous help from the pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in the implementation of stroke awareness programs.
We would like to make our agenda more effective to our people (both stroke victims and stroke-prone individuals) with more help from different government and non-government funds, grants, donations etc. in near future.

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